Solo Act
(M. Palmer)

Verse 1:
I’m allergic to holding my lover’s hand
To letting him break through
He’s begging me to give him more than I can stand
Time to cut him loose, 'cause

I don’t wanna get
I don’t wanna get hurt, hurt
I can’t put in the
I can’t put in the work, work
Even if you love me
Like you say you do, do
Might take some getting
Might take some getting used to, to

Cuz I’ve always been a solo act
I’ve fallen in love but never made it last
I give up my heart and then I take it back
Now I’m feeling oh so low
Cuz I’m still solo tonight

Verse 2:
These excuses never keep me warm at night
Just keep me off the brink
I have learned the only way to turn the tide
Is keep him at arm’s length, 'cause


If you let me down easy
Boy, you’d still let me down
Tell me why try to fly
If I always hit the ground
Said if you let me down easy
Boy, you'd still let me down
Tell me why to fly
If I always hit the ground, somehow



Get Lost
(M. Palmer)

Verse 1:
Whenever something’s too good to be true
It’s always a fantasy
That’s how I feel when I’m here holding you
So are you real or just a dream?

Your touch still makes me shiver
I talk but my lips still quiver
These butterflies just won’t go
I try to be in the moment
Trust I’m the one that you’re wanting
I hate that I’ll never know
But I know

I still get lost in your eyes
Bit more than I realize
When I’m around you
I can’t breathe ‘til he kiss me
But I can’t tell if he
Gets lost in me too


Verse 2:
I’d gotten used to this still broken heart
For me love ends in pain
But what we built hasn’t fallen apart
So can I come in out the rain?



So baby do you wanna ride with me
So baby do you wanna hideaway
So baby can you make me scream your name
Cuz I get lost without you


(M. Palmer)

Verse 1:
You’re like a daydream I pray never ends
I’m enchanted by the view
Behind your brown eyes
Underneath your skin, there’s a soul I know is true

So let me count, me count the ways
That I want you and I can’t wait
To share my life with you every day
Cuz you’ll be mine inevitably
So tell me

This ain’t infatuation
Baby it’s the real thing
I could say without hesitation
You’re where I wanna be
I been dreaming of you
Still dreaming of me?
Bet we end up together Inevitably

How is everyday better than the last
Since I've had you by my side
You're the best teammate
Anyone could ask for
I dreamed you into life



It's inevitable that you
Gonna be a part of me
You might not know it now
But one day you gonna see
You'll hear it in my voice
And the way that your hear beats
That we ain't got a choice


The Boy Who Hates Everything
(M. Palmer, D. Scott)

Verse 1:
This where I start to see
Cracks in our foundation
All ain’t seems to be
It’s like the floor is shaking
Does he need this dark cloud that he’s made
Does he have to rain on my parade

'Cause no one is good enough
And nothing is quite to his liking
If I love it sure enough
It’s just not what he’d call exciting
Don’t know how to win this game I’ve never played
But aren’t you supposed to love me anyway?

Thought that I was the exception
Thought that I could be his cure
One thing he’d never question
But boy now I’m not so sure
If he finds comfort in his darkness
Then there’s nothing you can do
Cuz the boy who hates everything’s
Gonna wind up hating you

Verse 2:
He loves his image more than me
So damn condescending
But baby I’m too old to be
Acting or pretending
Like I’m someone else to fit his mold
His warm heart’s turning oh so cold

Guess I’m not good enough
Guess I’m not quite to his liking
If I love it sure enough
It’s just not what he’d call exciting
Don’t know how to win this game I’ve never played
But aren’t you supposed to love me anyway?



It’s like I turned around
And he was someone else
Someone who never smiled
Someone who never felt
It's like I’m in a race
I never meant to run
And the look his face
Says “we're under the gun”

The Worst
(M. Palmer)

Verse 1:
Looks like all the things you told me
Were lies just to keep me holding on
A dream you knew would fall through
The sun sets and I remember
In life nothing lasts forever
You’re no exception to that rule

I’m sick of stating my case
And counting the days
And watching the clock run out
The love that we made
It went up in flames
And now that the fire’s out

I can pinpoint when we took a turn for the worst
You gave up so easily
You can’t break the silence and I can’t break this curse
I’m still down here on my knees


Verse 2:
It shot through me like some lightning
Your eyes were lifeless it was frightening
How it seemed to cause you no pain
To rip my heart right out of me
Those lips used to say they loved me
Now I’m back here stuck in the rain





Giving Up My Love
(M. Palmer)

Verse 1:
I’m not getting over
'Cause I’m already gone
And you can't come over
'Cause it's been way too long
And I think it’s so funny
Well I think it’s so strange
How you never loved me
You only loved the chase

It’s like you held my hand
Just to let go
It’s like you told me yes
To tell me no
So stop pretending
Like you’re so sincere
I don’t believe you, boy
So let’s be clear

I’ve given my love away for the last time
There’s no room for you in this heart of mine
Of my dignity, boy you robbed me blind
So just give it up
'Cause I’ve given up
Giving up my love

Verse 2:
I gave you my power
But never again
In the lonely hour
I’ll be my own best friend
'Cause it’s truly unnerving
How you threw it away
Only someone deserving
Gon' get this part of me




Fool me once shame on you
Fool me twice well that won’t do
'Cause these eyes can't cry for you
You played me boy But you gon’ lose


(M. Palmer, D. Scott)

Verse 1:
All the lies that you spread
Used to get in my head
Used to make me think
Well, something's wrong with wrong with me
Like my thoughts were impure
Like I needed a cure
I was just a child and you would tell me

To stiffen that wrist boy
And watch that lisp boy
And Maybe they don’t know
Change who you are
And you could go far
Just make them comfortable

So should I live a lie
And compromise
All that I feel inside for you?
Should I give up my soul
And play a role
To make them comfortable?
Would you?

Verse 2:
Boy, who made you this way?
What would all your friends say?
Tainted thoughts became the monster in my bed
All of me was pretense
Laughter was my defense
Evil words still playing in my head



When I was weak, you were crushing me
Trying to make me hate the man I’m supposed to be
But I have grown so strong and you were oh so wrong
The truth is within me, it was there all along

Chorus 2:
So I won’t live a lie
And compromise
All that I feel inside for you
I won’t give up my soul
And play a role
To make you comfortable
Would you?

(M. Palmer, DFRNS)

Verse 1:
All you need is time
All you need is space
Boy that’s what you said
To me
It’s been far too long
You’re so far away
And I’m all alone

I don’t know why I believed you
And all the lies you told
I watched our love turn see through
This shit is getting old
I act like I don’t need you
And you treat me so cold

Cuz every time I wake up
I think about our break-up
And the way that you just left me behind
And every time I look up
My world is so damn shook up
Cuz you loved me then you’re leaving me blind
If light’s at the end of this tunnel
I can’t see it with these eyes
Cuz every time I wake up
I think about our break-up
And I feel like I’ve been losing my mind, my mind

Verse 2:
Like the minute hand
Moves much slower than
It did in the past
We’re grasping at straws
Every time I call
Conversation running dry



And it feels like I’m falling
But I’m screaming your name
And you still hear me calling
But you turn me away


Whatever It Takes
(M. Palmer, DFRNS)

Verse 1:
Sticks and stones won’t break us tonight
You’re stronger than you know
You’re not alone cuz I’m on your side
I’ll be your hand to hold

As we run like the wind
We fight ‘til the end
Our love wasn’t meant to break
And these lights in our eyes
Tell me we’ll survive
We’ll do whatever it takes

Verse 2:
They’ll cut you down and try to hurt you
They'll poison you with lies
But you shine bright like stars above do
So let’s reach for the sky


They can’t outrun this love
Boy we’ll leave ‘em dust
Cuz we’re never giving up
They can’t outrun this love
Boy we’ll leave ‘em dust
Cuz we’re never giving up


Give Me You
(M. Palmer, DFRNS)

Verse 1:
The things that you do
Make me feel a fool
When I’m up all night here by the phone
Just waiting on you
I think I know why
You leave me out to dry
Boy you want the power and you know
I’ll take it in stride

You telling me no but really mean yes
You say I should know but I must confess
That I’m so lost and at what cost
You wanna be hard, I wanna be soft
I wanna go in, you wanna go off
I can’t keep up, just give me love

Boy, just give me you
Why do we play these games
I’ll jump through your hoops
But they drive me insane
All I wanna do
Is kiss & love on you baby
You’re what I’m into
So just give me you

Verse 2:
I’m hearing you say
You want me to stay
And if that’s the truth I’ll stick with you
But you’ve gotta change
My heart’s on the line
So don’t waste my time
And always be true cuz if you do
You’ll always be mine

Pre-Chorus 2:
You telling me no but really mean yes
You say I should know but I must confess
I can’t keep up, just give me love


Don’t make me miss your velvet kiss
Don’t make me miss your velvet kiss
Don’t make me miss your velvet kiss
Don’t make me miss your velvet kiss, tonight


(M. Palmer)

You don’t know how bad you got me baby, baby
You don’t know how bad I want you baby, baby

Verse 1:
Taking up my time
Running through my mind
Why don’t you just come here
Take off all your clothes
Let me whisper those
Sweet nothings in your ear

I’ve been waiting far too long to make love to you
Can we make this fantasy come true
Cuz dude

He’s the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star
He’s the song in the car I been singing don’t know why
He’s the song in the car I been singing don’t know why
He’s the song in the car I been singing don’t know why I do

Verse 2:
Boy let’s go too far
Feel the heat and our
Bodies dripping with sweat
Won’t you take it
I’ve gotta make this a
Night that you won’t forget

Pre-Chorus 2


Let me tell you that I’m thinking about you
Dreaming bout you all night long
And I wanna be, I gotta be
Inside your arms
I wanna do what I’m not supposed to do
You got a man but all I want is you
Tonight, tonight
I’m gonna freak your body right
Won’t you meet me under the covers
Tonight you’re gonna be my lover


Only Happy When It Rains
(M. Palmer, D. Scotty)

Verse 1:
Some people get all the luck
I want his kiss and I wanna fuck
But for my man, it’s just not enough
We gotta fight if we making love

But lately I been driving myself crazy
I wanna be his baby no matter how much this shit pains me
I can’t take him throwing things and punching walls
And cursing me
God damn I’m so ashamed

He’s only happy when it rains
He’s only happy when it’s complicated
When I’m on beat my dude is syncopated
He’s only happy when it rains
I think he gets off on the pain
He’s only happy when the room is spinning
And when I feel like the whole world is ending
He’s got a smile up on his face He’s only happy when it rains

Verse 2:
Am I fool or a masochist
When he hit me it felt like a kiss
So damn good but I’m so scared of it?
I’m locked in love and I can’t break this shit



I can’t sleep, I can’t lie
I can’t fuck, I can’t cry
Cuz  you broke me down now I’m numb inside
And I’m drowning in pain
I’m so goddamn ashamed
I can’t leave this house so forget my name
And I’m gon’ take these mirrors down
Tonight I am no longer proud
Of the face I see when the silence gets too loud


(M. Palmer, DFRNS)

Verse 1:
You’ll see no tears fall from my eyes
Cuz you ain’t here but I’ve got my pride, my pride
Pushed love away most of the time
And I’m so sick of the losing game
Of playing the fool but who can I blame

This heart that would beat
And jump out its seat
Is now turning back to stone
If that’s what it means
To love somebody
Then I’d rather be alone

Cuz like the falling snow
Boy your love has left me cold
We were oh so beautiful
And it finally felt like home
But seasons change
We melt away like the snow

Verse 2:
Could feel the chill there on your breath
I loved you still the day you left, you left
Me on the ground, no words were said
But I could tell from your vacant stare
That I’d fall down from walking on air

This heart that would race
And jump out its place
Is now turning back to stone
Don’t think I could take
Another heartbreak
Boy I’d rather be alone


You brushed me to the wayside
Stole the light out of my eyes
Can’t find the good in goodbye
Your touch used to make me melt
Now it’s the coldest that I’ve felt
This rain has turned to my hell
Just like the snow


(M. Palmer)

Verse 1:
I was so young and so afraid
When times got tough I walked away
Convinced we’d never be the same
You’d drink too much and want my kiss
I’d treat you like you don’t exist
Tell me who’s it benefit

I thought we’d fade to black
No turning back
Be better off without you
Our ending was so tragic
But the fact is, boy
I hate that we’re through
When you broke my trust
We turned to dust and tore in two
But what’s become of me
Guess breaking free means that I’m free to miss you

Verse 2:
You know your voice reverberates
Inside my head like yesterday
I feel for you but I’m still in pain
Cuz you were flawed by all accounts
But did I have to cut you out?
I guess it shouldn’t matter now


It’s like walking through hallowed halls
(Remembering my life with you)
My teardrop stains upon the walls
(The words you said still ringing true)
Swore I was sleeping with the enemy
But now I see
The enemy still lives inside of me