I'm thrilled to finally share my new EP 'Stranger Than Fiction' with you.  I spent my younger years creating music that I loved and believed in, but always kept a part of myself guarded.  I went to school for music and moved across the country for it but never had the courage to put all of myself into my songs until now.  I was afraid of letting people down, of making myself a punchline and of the nasty YouTube comments I'm sure to receive. 

One day around my 26th birthday (and after listening Beyoncé's "Grown Woman" one too many times), I decided to stop letting fear run my life. Personally and professionally, I feel free for the first time in a long time, and 'Stranger Than Fiction' will always be the representation of that. People always say 'write what you know', and I feel like I've done that with this record (i.e. why there are so many break-up songs :P).

So even if this album sells exactly zero copies and I lose the few (amazing) fans I have, this is my proudest work, and I truly hope you give it a listen.

Love always,

Matt Palmer


"Teardrops" is the brand new single and video from my upcoming EP 'Stranger Than Fiction.'  The song was produced and co-written by Drew Scotty and mastered by production-duo DFRNS.  The video was shot on January 17-18 in downtown Los Angeles, CA.  The video was directed by Ryan Bartley and shot by Zach Osterhout.